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  • Preliminary Consultation on Remodel Project (no fee)
  • Remodel Site Evaluation
  • Structural Plan Considerations Review
  • Architectural Interface (if necessary)
  • Budgeting and Cost Planning Options
  • On-Site Job Management
  • Budgetary Tracking/Bank Reporting
  • Options for "Remote" Homeowners 
  • Selection and Mgt of Sub-Contractors
  • All Building Permits and Inspections
  • Compliance to Building Codes
  • Courtesy to Neighborhood/Sub-Division During Construction
  • 30+ Years User Examples of Customization Options
  • Tear Down and Disposal of prior Construction
  • Integration to your Existing Home structure
  • Warranty for Construction

We encourage you to visit the "Photo Gallery" tab now to see some real world examples of our Remodeling outcomes from projects we've completed for other clients.  You can also find some relevant customer insights via our "Testimonials" page. 

If building fine custom homes is our core business, then think about Remodeling as dealing with just one area of your full home.  Our same construction principles and capabilities exist, however sometimes we have to get extra creative because we have to deal with the "tear down" part of the project.  Oftentimes, there may be core structural conditions that must be addressed that significantly impact your remodeling design intent.   It is our specialty to help you create a remodel solution that will integrate to your existing home safely, and to bring your own ideas and customization to reality.  Our bold history of success in helping clients navigate from pictures and plan drawings into real, functional, and stable construction implementations is our premier value to you.   Communication with clients at every step of the way insures that clients get no suprises, or find disappointing elements of their construction that are "too late" to be changed.  Below are just a few of the Services that come with booking us as your Remodeling builder:
Complete the Contact area above if you have some written questions you want to email to us, or give us a call.... but remember, we're likely at someone's job site running a drill, saw, or tractor!
Remodeling Solutions and Add-On Construction 

Family Rooms
Custom Built Ins
Farm Buildings
Damage Repair
Structural Repair
Foundation Remedies
Here is a BEFORE and AFTER photo of a remodel project that included building a new, freestanding 2-car garage, along with significant re-work of the driveway and landscaping to allow for water management and improved access.   At this site, significant grading and foundation work for the garage was required due to a severe slope at the required location of the garage.   Beautiful custom laid brick cobble drive and hand-laid wall rockwork make this both functional and attractive as an entrance to the home.  
Handicap Building Code Capabilities
Handicap Remodel to Code
Custom made Built in Part of Remodel
Custom Built In with Unfinished Basement Remodel
Custom made Built in Part of Remodel
Custom "cut-away" Staircase in Remodel
Biltmore Forest Ceiling Repair & Remodel
Biltmore Forest completed rennovation to Estate home