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Here are some answers to great customer questions that will help you understand how we work and why we've been pleasing customers for over 30 years!
Are you a developer?   
No, I'm a humble builder!   Since the events of 2008, it may be a blessing that I've never leveraged our capabilities beyond what we can do with personal attention to just a few commitments at a time.   I'm not knocking any developers, it's just not our business.   I'm hands-on, working with a hand-full of customers at a time so I can manage what I can touch.

Can you help us with a home site location or building lots to consider?
We do not specialize in "lot" sales or work in specific developments, so we have full freedom to build on any suitable property.  Based on my lifelong residence in Buncombe County, I can offer many suggestions of areas to consider for building lots, and upon your request, suggest realtors who might help in that regard.  While we don't specialize in building lot sales, we do currently have two premier building lots that are located in a gated, golf community.  You may review details of these specific lots under the Lots tab of this website.
We typically do a lot of pre-commitment and pre-construction review with potential home owners about their home plans compared against the topography and enviromental elements of their lot location.  Our experience in building in the mountains of Western NC makes this invaluable as a 'value add' that can both save tens of thousands of dollars to the homeowner, and make for a much better implementation of your home design.

Are you "On Site"at your jobs?
Actually being "on site" at your job is probably the premier reason to pick me as your builder.  Being a tradesman and a Master Carpenter, not only will I be AT your site in a supervisory way, I'll likely be hands-on in the construction.   This is not simply at the carpentry phase.  Being on site with the initial grading, foundation work, etc. helps get those key elements implemented so everything else can go smoothly.  You might even see me on my Bobcat doing grading or foundation work.  Essentially, on-site I'm doing 3 major items that many people budget for indvidually: 1) I'm your on-site Construction Supervisor, 2) I'm covering many functions that an Architect might typically review for compliance to drawings (I'm able to "visualize" potential problems and pitfalls to design elements before they get constructed as drawn, but with reduced utility to the homeowner!), and 3) I'm making sure any sub-contractors are doing "Grade A" work, exactly as specified for their assignment.  Actually, I enjoy being at the site, except on those cold winter days!

We are moving to Asheville, but will be building there before we physically move.  How does this work out?
I have actually built several homes for people in this exact situation, and it is very easy.  Communication and understanding expectations are the keys.
Being on-site at your job, I'm on top of the work being done, so I'm very hands-on at every aspect of construction.  With the advent of digital photography and the internet, I've been able to send remote owners status reports on construction progress, or in some cases, send a photo with a question for their choice on specific implemention options.   This has worked especially well, and I have some references listed on this site that are from some of my customers where we "pre-built"for their move to the Asheville area.  

We don't have an Architect, how do we pick plans?
Two suggestions here. First, we do not require an Archtect in order to build. There are numerous outlets for house plans, and we can actually help you out a great deal in matching some floorplans up to certain building lots. Second, there is quite a bit of insight I can provide about the implementation of your plans that can help mitigate some costs, and avoid some pitfalls that routinely pop up: like the laundry room not wide enough for new style appliances, and stuff like that. Our experience in the field goes a long way to "tweaking" plans for your premier satisfaction!

I understand there are unique building codes involved with construction at elevation, have you dealt with this?
Yes, building above certain elevations requires special construction for wind, much like Coastal regs for hurricanes.   We are experienced with these code requirements and ensure that our work is compliant with all building codes.

How much of the work do you do yourself, we're concerned about sub-contractors?
Great question, and one I have strong opinions about.  Being a builder in the community for over 30 years I know the sub-contractors  who are both dependable and do great work.  Some of sub-contractor work we use approaches "artist" level for some of the stone-work and craftsmanship that goes into the work.  In other cases the sub-contractors are selected for their specialty, i.e. electricians and plumbers as examples.   Being active on-site at your job, I'm also able to manage and supervise the work being done by subs, so you have my on-site review of the work being done.   Careful coordination of the sub-contractor teams helps your construction move faster, and with 'best capabilities' workmanship.  An interesting note: during the downturn in building after 2008 many weak or marginal subs left the market.... I've been able to retain virtually all my primary sub contractors intact because they have also survived .

What is the most unusual customization item you've been asked to do?
Some of these unusual requests I actually enjoy for the challenge.  It sure gives us some extra chatter around the jobsite.  Ever put a 12,000 pound rock in your bathroom?   Yep, done that.  If you tell use early enough in the process, we can usually get it done.

We are buying an existing home, and we'd like a lot of changes and enhancements.  Do you do remodeling work?
Yes, we take on remodeling clients, and have actually done quite a bit of work in this format.   We've torn down, knocked out walls, built out basements, added in custom woodworking, etc. to make an older property fit in with new appointments or new family situations.  We have a section on our website that showcases some of our remodel work.

Custom homes sound expensive, how do you keep costs down?
Much of the difference in  price of a custom home and a "spec" home come in appointments and amenities designed into the custom home.  Much of that is up to the owner in the form of considerations for flooring, baths, kitchens, etc. that have huge variances in construction materials, components, and appliances.  The work we do is no more costly, in fact by virtue of serving as a "multi-function"manager of your construction, we can likely stretch your budget.

We have a lot near Asheville that we own, can you help us select a floorplan/layout that would work with the terrain?
Most definitely.  I can point you to suggestions for plans or help you evaluate some plans you may already have viewed. We typically do a lot of pre-commitment and pre-construction review with potential home owners about their home plans compared against the topography and enviromental elements of their lot location. Our experience in building in this area makes this invaluable as a 'value add' that can both save tens of thousands of dollars, and make for a much better implementation of your home design.

Explain the situation about changes to architect drawings or customization of floorplans in drawings we may like?
We do a lot of work with clients to help them take their original ideas and manage them to a given building lot or other considerations that become important.  This could be things like expanding the size of a given room, planning for higher ceilings, etc. or it might be something like moving the attached garage from one side of the plan to another to accommodate driveway requirements.   Stuff like this is all in our customization planning, and we use our experience to help coach you through some potential question marks that only lots of field construction experience will reveal. 

I really need a "man cave,"  add-on garage and the like.... I need help on how to make this work with my existing home and yard.  Any solutions?
We've actually done a project just like this where the driveway and available yard presented some real challenges. We got it done with a great outcome, and we hear getting sent to the garage is not such a bad thing now!  

Our elite property is over 80 years old and needs some special care in remodeling.  How can we work with you if we are "remote residents?"
We've tackled some pretty tough projects where "old world" construction made these challenging assignments, but we keep getting asked back for more work, so the outcomes have been positive.  With over 30 years in business, and life-long residents of the community, we have a lot of "trust equity" that folks quickly find in doing business with us.   If you are remote and need work done, we've got many references for this type of work, you should look at our Testimonials section of the website for some kind words that are there on our work history.

Someone told me you did some custom carpentry, furniture grade built-ins, and such in their home construction.  Can you do this for an existing home?
We typically don't just make furniture, but we can do "furniture grade" built-ins and entertainment centers along with some of our remodel or new home construction work.  This can make for great utilization of existing room layouts, and we understand how this can be a showcase feature within a specific room.